Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina (1954)


Audrey Hepburn eating pasta with Oscar de la Renta in Estoril (Cascais), Portugal, c. 1989.

RIP Oscar de la Renta

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When Taylor is online:

When Taylor is not online:

When you don’t know if Taylor is online

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                                                        Taylor Swift: Music Videos.

I’m going to update it soon, I promise!

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Anonymous said:
dumb question but what's a psd?

It’s not a dumb question! A psd is a file with layers, you need to download the psds, I get some of my psds from this page (x) and then you just need to open the file in Photoshop and apply it to the picture….

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Anonymous said:
how do you edit your pictures? like the ones with Taylor Swift?

In first place you need to choose a HQ picture, you can get pictures from here (x), in second place I just cut them like 500x650 pixels, then I apply a psd (a simple psd) and I sharpen the background picture in Filter/Sharpen/Smart Sharpen/  

and then I go to Edit/Fade Smart Sharpen/ and I change the opacity and that’s all…

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hey there:) I am a brand new blog, like 10 minutes old haha, and i was wondering if you could tell your followers about me, this is my first 100% Taylor Swift blog and i'm really excited about it:) Thank you!!

Go follow!:)

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There is something about The Perks of Being a Wallflower that makes me so happy. It makes me feel like I’m not the only one who is sad and depressed about their life. It literally shows how happy and full you are in a moment but everything ends very fast… It’s like a cycle. 

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If you’ve been on tumblr long enough you remember the dark days when people would argue over things like if taylor cursed or not so this is full circle now hahah